5 ways to share documents online in 2021, better than DropBox!

We need to share documents to show off our work, receive comments and feedback, collaborate with our colleagues, partners, and consultants, and occasionally get our boss to sign, scan, and return the document so that we can record another successful sale.

Whatever the reason, I’m sure you’re curious about the best way to share your documents online.

I will go through all the major options available to you to share files online:

1. Email

Email is still one of the most popular ways to communicate in the modern world. The first thing you probably do in the morning is to check your email on your smartphone. Attachments are one of the most frequent elements of email, regardless of whether you use Outlook, Apple Mail, or web-based Gmail, Yahoo, or Microsoft Live.

On the internet, the capacity to distribute documents by emailing them to the appropriate parties is a commonly used and approved method of document exchange.

2. Google Drive

While Google Drive is acceptable for sharing personal files, it isn’t suitable for commercial transactions because papers must be no longer than 1,024,000 characters in length, regardless of the number of pages or font size, and must be no larger than 50 MB if converted to Google Docs.

3. Dropbox

Dropbox is the industry leader in document syncing and sharing across numerous devices. You can drop files in the DropBox folder, copy the link, and share your documents with many individuals, just like you can with Google Drive or OneDrive. Dropbox’s free storage space is only 2 GB, which is the smallest of the alternatives. Furthermore, unlike Google Drive and OneDrive, DropBox does not allow online document editing, which is a significant disadvantage. The service is solely for storing, backing up, and sharing your data.

4. EthosDrive

EthosDrive, an exclusive EthosData offering, allows businesses to share files in a more structured manner than the previous possibilities. It also provides the consumer with additional data control at a low cost. Multiple users can be given read-only or upload-only access to files, and their access can be revoked as needed.

EthosDrive’s advanced and clear architecture makes it ideal for sharing and managing large amounts of data without wasting time.

5. EthosData Data Room

EthosData is distinct from the aforementioned services in that it is a Virtual Data Room provider that is utilized by businesses who wish to maintain control over the documents they publish online while also avoiding security concerns.

Given the constant need to share documents with outsiders while also being wary of their confidential information falling into the wrong hands, EthosData allows you to share your documents with whomever and whenever you want, check whether they’ve viewed them, and revoke access to those documents at any time.

Fortune 500 companies, top global law firms, and financial institutions make up the majority of their users. Clients receive a tailored plan based on their needs, with the option to make modifications as needed in the future. EthosData also provides a 24/7 support team devoted to your project at no additional expense, in addition to the best-in-class technology.

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