Hello reader,

Welcome to the May 2021 issue of The Dealmaker.

The world was on lockdown. Factories were closed, and supply chains were disrupted. Face-to-face meetings were impossible, and everything from education to religion went virtual, as Zoom became the norm. Many deals failed to finish, or even begin. But the 2021 Top 10 Middle-Market Deals of the Year flourished despite the pandemic. What a time to shine.

Here are some of the most important M&A news we have read this month:

      • KKR Buys Infrastructure Group John Laing for $2.8B – The Middle Market
      • Inside the Discovery-AT&T Deal: Cute Emails, a Big Loan and Now, a Media Giant – NY Times
      • Companies Rush to Upgrade Technology, Spurring Enterprise IT Deals – The Middle Market
      • “Massive Boom” for Add-On Acquisitions – The Middle Market
      • As the US SPAC boom cools, Europe’s is just heating up – Pitchbook
      • Mergers & Acquisitions Names the 2021 Top 10 Middle-Market Deals of the Year – The Middle Market
      • PE Exit Options Narrow as SPAC M&A Value Stumbles – The Middle Market
      • Time for PE and VC to pay up – Pitchbook