EthosData’s DRM

(Digital Rights Management)

EthosData´s DRM (Digital Rights Management) secures critical and confidential information that needs to be shared outside your company with an unmatched level of simplicity and a very smooth user experience:

      • Control and protection for multiple file formats using just one single DRM.
      • User friendly layout and functionalities enabling ability to view, print, copy, run macros.
      • Mitigate the impact of screen capture or photography applying dynamic watermarking with real-time information: user email address, IP address and date.
      • Muti-platform compatibility: tablets, mobile devices, laptops and desktop computers.

Multiple file format protection

Protect the most popular file formats such as PDF, MS Office, Image files, AutoCAD, …

Multiple document permissions

Administrators can control whether users can copy, print, forward or alter a document; and all of this without any hassle using a single DRM.

Multi-Platform compatibility

It can be installed in multiple devices and platforms such as Microsoft Windows, OS X (Mac) and iOS (iPad, iPhone).

Admin Access not required

Users can install the EthosData’s DRM without any administrative privileges. This means no IT involvement in the installation process making it seamless to the users.

Open Microsoft Office documents natively

Users can work with protected Office files using their Microsoft Office native applications and work with formulas in Excel files.

Dynamic watermarks

Administrators can set dynamic watermarks with real-time information including the user email address, IP address and date.

Zero Conflicts with other software

Our DRM uses a technology that significantly reduces conflicts with other software such as Antivirus and other DRM applications. There is no need to uninstall previous DRM or plugins to work with EthosData’s DRM.